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1. What will happen with the data that I have registered on the registration form?

Your data will be saved for the purpose of administration. It will be treated with confidence and will not be passed on.

2. I would like to use a photo for a layout. Which fees will incur?

You are welcome to use our layout pictures for your illustration for free. Fees only incur by accepting the offer.

3. How high is the altro - photographic agency publication fee?

Fees depend on intended usage for a particular purpose and the total circulation, the declared extent and terms of usage. Rates are based on those recommended by the "Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Fotomarketing / MFM" (an association of small and medium-sized business in photo-marketing) and the Bundesverband der Pressebild-Agenturen und Bildarchive e.V. ( BVPA).
You can calculate detailed user fees using our Preisrechner.

4. How can you settle accounts with altro - the photographic agency?

After affirming the offer, we will bill you. Please declare your sales tax identification number from your respective finance office (only valid for countries in the EU apart from Germany) at the time of your registration.

5. What costs are generated through the use of the altro - photo database?

The use of the photo database is free. Username and password are free. Only the direct download of high resolution quality data is calculated with a protective charge of 10,00 per photo in addition to VAT tax, which is included in the particular fee in case of usage of the photo material.

6. Why do I need a username and a password and how can I get these?

You need the username and the password in order to get unrestricted access to the database of altro - the photographic agency. Fill in the form which you can find under "register" and click "send". Please pay attention to include the correct e-mail adress, which is important for
the sending of your username and the keyword. Once your registration has been processed, you can also complete the order of pictures you may have already begun.

7. What kind of picture credits do I have to use concerning the photos of altro - the photographic agency?

Please use "photo:"
Please donīt forget the picture credits, otherwise there will be a surcharge of 100% in addition to the agreed fee.