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1. I need some text-information and technical description for a picture. How can I get these?

By clicking on a picture, some information will be given under the larger photo: German and English keywords as well as the alotment of the photo to particular categories. In the right information field you will see the information regarding form and quality of the original (whether the original picture is an analogue or digital photo, small picture or medium format in different sizes etc.). From this information you see if the selected photo is available for a big illustration (as poster, etc.). For these purposes we can generate a scan according to your description in case of an analogue original.

2. Large representation need larger picture of the photo and how can I save this?

Click on a photo. As an unregistered user, you will only get a preview of 400 x 400 pixel maximum with the watermark of altro - die fotoagentur in the middle of the picture. You can draw this photo on your desktop (Mac) or click on the right mouse button and choose "save as..." (PC). As registered user you can download a higher quality picture (maximum 700 x 700 Pixel) with a watermark in the bottom right corner using a download-link.

3. Can the selected photos be saved?

Photos that you have marked with the shopping trolley icon, will be saved for several visits at altro - the photographic agency.