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The cooperation with other photographers is appreciated, because we are always interested in new picture material. We are looking not only for photos of a high technical standard but for special pictures suitable for themes and reports and also portraits of personalities.

altro - die fotoagentur provides photo material for professional image users as high resolution quality data either in compressed or uncompressed version. We offer easy to operate research - software based on very high technical standard. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year professional image users can research our complete supply of themes and - after registration - download printable data directly onto their computer.

altro - die fotoagentur was founded in the year 2000 and is a union of freelance photographers. We are not a portal or a global web research machine for image files, but a real photo agency administrated by an owner and at present we represent 16 photographers from different fields. Our database is available for every professional user - there is no limit for worldwide marketing. Our conditions are fair: The photographers get 50 % of the recieived fee. All photos are distributed under the name "altro - die fotoagentur".

We are interested in cooperation with professional photographers who use a modern pictorial language and/or an individual style. You have to be able to block single pictures on request for every form of usage. The photos must be exempt from rights of a third party. Photos of people have to be "Model released".

We welcome the coordination of your selection with our stock before sending it in, to avoid duplicates or sufficiently covered topics. Your selection should be presorted whether it is sent via analog or digital.

We do not wish to stock excessive photos representing similar motifs.

altro - die fotoagentur offers its material exclusively "Rights Managed" (RM) and cooperates with you on a non-exclusive basis. With one exception: The pictures offered our agency must not be offered "Royalty Free" (RF).

We assume, that your provided material can be distributed via portals. In case of distribution restriction, please inform us when sending in your selection.

legal conditions

altro - die fotoagentur cooperates with photographers on a non-exclusive basis. We reserve the right to cooperate with portals.

Please take care not to send us picture files that are restricted by other distributors.

To avoid distribution conflicts, we have to be informed in advance in case of restrictions in picture utilisation; We must be informed immediately possible changes like blockings caused by other distributors.

You have to be able to block single pictures on request, even if they are distributed by other agencies or other types of distributors.

You must be able to guarantee us, that you are the exclusive owner of any rights concerning the provided picture files, pictures of people have to be model released.

You must guarantee, that the photos are exempt from rights of a third party and that any pictured people agree to publication without being payed by altro - die fotoagentur .

This also applies in case of utilisation in advertisements, symbol contexts and suchlike. In any case of usage restrictions, these have to be noted on the picture.

technical conditions

Before entering any cooperation we reserve the right to form an opinion about your material. Your selection can be digital or analogue and should represent the profile of your work as well as allow an evaluation of your method of working and your technical competence.

analogue picture selection

As professional photographer we expect you to present a technically correct image selection in a manageable presentation.

Small-picture slides should be sent framed in transparent sheets, bigger formats should not exist in shrink wrap passepartouts if possible.

Please refrain from sending exposure series or series of similar motifs. We assume that you are able to make an adequate professional selection. Please take care that the material is not out of date. The pictures must not be scratched or damaged by fingerprints or scanner fluids.

Your first selection should contain more than 200 motives.

Your captions/titles/keywords should be presented on CD as Excel data sheet or something comparable or can be sent by e-mail.

digital picture selection

We accept digital picture files in a picture resolution of at least 6 mio. pixel (without interpolarisation!).

We naturally also accept picture files which come from digital backs from midformat and large format cameras.

Picture files generated by scanner must have a data volume, which allows a print format of at least DIN A 4 with an output resolution of 300 dpi (without interpolarisation!).

Your files should exist as RGB-TIFF-file with an integrated Adobe-RGB profile, we do not accept JPEG-files.

PLease refrain from using blur-masks and also colour or contrast corrections on non-calibrated monitors.

We reserve the right to make a general technical evaluation of picture files generated by scanner.

We recommend that you add, beside the high resolution quality data, a folder with small index pictures for an easy viewage of the material. Please ensure, that your selection is professional and does not contain unnecessary doubles in motifs. The descriptions for the pictures should exist as IPTC or be attached on a Excel list.

What topics are we looking for?

We are not looking for specific topic areas.

Nevertheless there are some topics and matters which are consistently requested by our customers and which we would certainly like to offer.

Top-selling topics:

People in all circumstances, realized in a modern and dynamic way and dynamically: children, teenagers, older people, couples, relationships.
Classic subjects like beauty, health, business and economy - interpreted in a modern way.
Stills concerning food, symbols, office, communication or the information technology.
Travel and landscapes should put people in the mood for a holiday, adventure or recreation, aas well as document a country and its people.
Animals and plants - shown strikingly.

Necessary for all motifs: Please use our data base in order to compare your motives with the already existent material before sending them to us.

Are you interested in a cooperation? Then become a photographer for altro - die fotoagentur!

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