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Who is altro?

altro - die fotoagentur is a photo agency with the highest standards, which offers digitalised images covering many aspects of daily life, aerial shots and personalities.
altro - die fotoagentur was founded in the year 2000 and is a union of freelance photographers. We are not a portal or a global web research machine for image files, but a real photo agency administrated by an owner and at present we represent 16 photographers from different domains.

Do you need help with the photo search?
Are you looking for a photographer for an commissioned production?
Do you want to become an altro-photographer?

We place our services at your disposal.
Our adress is:

altro - die fotoagentur
Uwe Moosburger
Einsteinstraße 7
D-93055 Regensburg

phone +49 941 55061
fax +49 941 55060